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Four-wheel electric car

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The electric car:A6-2

The electric car model:A6
Technical paramater of 2 seats 2-door electric car  Basic vehicle configuration table
Seat Mumber(unit) 2 1. Body: PP, PC, ABS injection covering.
2.the body structure: bearing frame structure
3.paint: electrophoresis skeleton, body paint
4.Glass: Laminated glass front stalls, roof, glass rear bumper.
5.headlights: modular LED headlamps (steering, position, braking, lighting)
6.front suspension: MacPherson independent suspension
7.the rear suspension: unitary suspension damping of vibrations
8.brakes: hydraulic disc brake wheel disc brakes
9.the hub: alloy wheels
10. tires: 145 / 70R12, steel radial tire rear axle drive
12. radio (compatible with U disk / SD card / clock)
14.warm, natural wind.
15.driver / co-pilot seat belts
16. high elastic leather seats
17.rear storage box, side door storage bins
18. air conditioning optional
L×W×H(mm) 2050×1380×1620
Wheelbase(mm) 1315
Min Ground Clearance(mm) 160
Max.Speed(km/h) 45
Braking Length(m) 5
Continious Mileage(km) 150
  Rated Power(kw) 2.8
  Rated Voltage(v) 60
Battery Type(AH) Main Chaowei -Free Lead-Acid Silicone Battery 60V120AH
Shifting Automatic
Wheel Rim Aluminum-Alloy Rim
Curb Weight(KG) 560
Four color:Blue /Green/ White /Pink

                                                                                                         A6-2 Blue