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Four-wheel electric car

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4 patrol vehicles

                               A6-4 paragraph cruiser
The main technical parameters Basic vehicle configuration table
Number of seats (including the driver) people 4 1. Body: PP, PC, ABS injection covering.
2, the body structure: bearing frame structure
3, paint: electrophoresis skeleton, body paint
4, Glass: Laminated glass front stalls, roof, glass rear bumper.
5, headlights: modular LED headlamps (steering, position, braking, lighting)
6, front suspension: MacPherson independent suspension
7, the rear suspension: unitary suspension damping of vibrations
8, brakes: hydraulic disc brake wheel disc brakes
9, the hub: alloy wheels
10, tires: 145 / 70R12, steel radial tire
11, drive: rear axle drive
12, radio (compatible with U disk / SD card / clock)
13, stereo
14, warm, natural wind
15, LED lights, Megaphone
16, high elastic leather seats
17, rear storage box, side door storage bins
18, air conditioning optional
L×W×H(mm) 2900×1380×1620
Wheelbase(mm) 2165
Minimum ground clearance(mm) 160
Top speed(km/h) 45
Minimum turning radius(mm) 4.8
Braking distance(m) 5
Maximum grade(%) 25
Driving range(Ping Road km) 80-100
Motor Rated power(kw) 2.8
Rated voltage(v) 60
Battery(AH) Maintenance-free60V120AH
A one-time charge time 6—8hours
Charger(A) 60V/20A
Curb Weight(KG) 620
FOB Shanghai price(USD) 5580

The car features:
1, mileage long, maintenance-free gel batteries using AMD, long service life, no maintenance, resistance to discharge.
2, the entire vehicle injection, high-grade, anti-corrosion anti-aging, impact-resistant, easy to repair, replacement.
3, humane consideration, a large space, comfortable driving away.
4, with warm air heating and air conditioning attachments, cold weather in the north solve the problem of hot weather in the south
5, using the Shanghai electric drive permanent magnet AC motor, climbing performance, large torque, low noise and energy saving
6, four-wheel disc brakes, safe and reliable.
7, domestic brands-iron charger, quality and reliability to ensure a fully charged battery no matter what the environment.
8, domestic brands is the new tires for automobile, long life, can prevent sharp objects pierced.
9, all bearing car chassis frame, McPherson independent suspension. Good shock absorption performance.
10, frame using spray technology plus paint, body panels using low-temperature baking process, to ensure smooth body lines, bright colors, not Diaoqi matter under various conditions without warping.